brp_box 2The Original Bay Root Productions est. 1996

     If you’re old enough to remember sites like mp3.com and napster, you’ve heard of us. BRP has been creating a world wide web presence since late 1999. This collective has a wide range of artists on its Roster. From music producing, photography, website & graphic design, to video production, and social media marketing, Bay Root Productions could be considered a modern day digital Vaudeville.

     Established in 1996, BRP has done some amazing musical works for artists, films & documentaries, and video games. There are many groups and people that use the name but they are not the original Bay Root Productions.

     As the times change, so does BRP. Our Roster has seen many people come and go. Just like any band, the members change but the music and art that we create remains progressive and timeless.

Thank you for your continued support, new and old fans alike…

Empty your tea cup. Press Play.

One thought on “1996

  1. Thats whats up Rob! I just stumbled on to this web page and to see you doing what you do best brought back some good memories. Great video az well!

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